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Our history as a coral merchant dates back to the beginning of the 1870s (Meiji era) in Kochi prefecture, a part of Japan renowned for its coral production. Our business has been passed down in our family for 4 generations, and we are one of the oldest coral merchants in our country. Today, we import and export raw coral, process, and sell them as merchandise. We are also proud of our artistic and religious sculptures with varying themes of nature, animals, and Buddhas, reputable of holding high cultural value. We believe it is our mission to pass on this traditional craftsmanship to the future generations, as well as to introduce its beauty to the rest of the world.




Purchasing of Raw Material

To purchase the raw materials, we participate the auction, officially held in Kochi prefecture known for the production of corals of high quality. The coral materials are well selected by skills acquired through years of experience.

International Jewellery Shows

International Jewellery Tokyo (IJT) International Jewellery Kobe (IJK) HongKong Jewellery & Gem Fair HongKong International Jewellery Show


Semi-Finished Products: cabochons, beads,Jewellery Coral Art: Ornamental carvings (statues) of various themes by experienced craftsman

Company Name Pacific Coral Co., Ltd.
President Noriyoshi YOSHIMOTO
TEL +81 (0)3 3786 1010
FAX +81 (0)3 3787 2637
Address Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
Category Manufacture, Wholesaler,
Products Coral Pearl, Jewellery
Member of Organization Japan Coral Association(Supreme Advisor&Director) Precious Coral Protection and Development Association NGO(President) Japan Coral Art Carving Association (President)
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